About Us

Community Data Link accountability (CDL) software is a highly secure database tool used to collect data by organizations and networks of organizations that serve others. 

CDL was designed by a consortium of non-profit and research professionals, county commissions and private developers.  This consortium needed a single system flexible enough to collect and report information in such a way that meaningful outputs and outcomes could be reliably produced to address a variety of funding or management expectations. Over 15 years of upgrades and improvements make CDL one of the most useful tools available for human service organizations.

If your organization has a need for data that demonstrates success towards “your Mission,” “your Marketing” and “your Management,” you need a data system for the purpose of answering three questions:

– How much did we do?

– How well did we do it?

– Is anyone better off?

CDL developers recognized early on that data collection and accurate outcome reports are necessary to measure what matters to funding sources.  Accountability for:

– nonprofit service providers

– community developers

– foundations and grant sources

– governmental drivers of human service solutions

CDL can measure or report on activity levels of Programs, Risks, Assets, Resources, Referrals, Contacts, and on OUTCOMES (Assessments & Participation demonstrating effectiveness–that specific programs DO WORK.  CDL is a web-accessedrelational database on a private secure network that allows users easy access to information—information that can be displayed in a variety of report formats.  Funders need to know if their funding is directed responsibly—where it matters, where it helps managers allocate resources wisely, where it truly offers solutions to individuals or families on the edge, where it impacts lives in a positive direction.

CDL is not only a tool but also includes an ongoing value-add support system.  The CDL System of Support (SOS) includes

– Highly secure HIPAA-compliant 24/7 technology infrastructure.

– Authorized staff can have confidential SSL access to their data via the internet from any mobile device

– Nightly data back-up and off-site redundant back-ups

– Ongoing 24/7 technical assistance

CDL SOS is only a phone call away–we partner with nonprofits that sometimes do and sometimes don’t have experienced database staff.

– When a manager or a funding source needs a report “right now,” CDL SOS staff can be called on to run the reports

– When no one knows how, or forgets how, CDL SOS remotely coach staff, educating along the way.

– SOS provides ongoing staff training to address staff turnover concerns

– “Whatever-it-takes” professional commitment in data-collection and set-up decisions.

– No surprises and no additional fees for the SOS package

The CDL SOS will professionally guide each organization through set-up and installation to ensure they capture the right data.  Measure what matters!

Setting up a database to report information in a useful way is not always an obvious task— that’s what CDL and the SOS package brings to the table—with over a decade of experience with local government and nonprofits in helping them track and report their success –CDL is all that most organizations need for reporting the impact they make on the lives of others—regardless of how many funding sources they depend on.